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Keira Knightley Zone
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A community about the beautiful and talented actress Keira Knightley.


Welcome to keira_zone, all about the wonderful British actress Keira Knightley. This is a community for fans of the actress. Here you can post fanfiction, fan art, icons, fanmixes, pictures, videos, interviews, ect... anything relating to Keira Knightley.


1- No bashing of Keira Knightley will be tolerated, and posts will be deleted on the spot. Be respectful of everyone's opinion on any subject relating to Keira Knightley.
2- All Posts Must be related to Keira Knightley, any post that is not related will be deleted immediately. This means no icons posted to other fandoms or any fanfics about something else and so forth. Only things related to Keira Knightley are allowed here. Movie news is accepted, but only if its relating to a Keira Knightley movie.
3- Please tag your posts, this just makes it easier for other members.
4-Before you create a new post please make sure it hasn't already been posted. This especially refers to movie/premiere/photo shoot pictures. Please make sure that they haven't already been posted. This doesn't mean you can't add to pictures already posted.
5- Discussions and debates all allowed, but once again be respectful of each other.
6- Any image bigger than 400x250, please put under an lj-cut, also use your own judgement to determine if an article should go under an lj cut. Please don't post a whole interview, same goes with movie review ect...Just post previews of them.
7- Any movie spoilers please put under an lj cut
8- Posting icons: post three preview icons with either a link to your journal and the post or the rest of the icons under an lj cut. When your posting Keira graphics especially icons, please make sure you have at least 10 icons/graphics containing something to do with Keira Knightley. If your preview is all you have of her please don't link back to your journal or post more icons under the cut.

9- Fanfiction: only clean fanfiction is allowed here. This community is for all ages so please keep everything PG-13 and under.
10- Promoting: I am allowing self promotion for your Keira forum, community, ect... on here. However only post once a week and use this format:
11- Sites allowed for Promotion: First the site has to be Keira Knightley and only Keira Knightley related. It can be: a fansite, lj community, icontest, forum, lj journal, contest site, gallery site. If you are unsure if your site falls under these categories message me and I will either approve or decline it. I will delete any post about selling items even if it is about Keira Knightley. That is unaccepted here.
12- I can't stress this enough, please if your post is not about Keira Knightley or one of the movies she has been in. Please do not post.
13- Please always have a subject title, this just makes it a little easier for members to find posts, along with the tags.
14- When posting pictures, you may post only one picture if you want. However if your posting more than 5 please post them as thumbnails. If you are unsure of how to do this, please feel free to message me.
15- I take any and all suggestions. If you have a suggestion you can either message me or post here. If you want a header you want used, please message me and I will consider it and so forth. =]
16- Please give credit to keira_zone. If you take an original piece of information or picture please link back to keira_zone. An original piece of information is if only a source is given. If there is a thank/links back to another Keira Knightley site, then it is not original.
17- Please keep checking the rule. I will always be updating the rules, as new things occur and evolve on keira_zone.

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